AntChain’s Alliance Partner

Verofax Asia, a subsidiary of Verofax Limited, officially appears on AntChain’s Alliance Partner page as of July 23rd 2020. Privity is a pre-seed investor in Verofax Limited and is delighted to share this wonderful news with everyone. Please click details on Ant and their partners.

Verofax focuses on traceability as a service(TaaS) and is the first UAE based company backed by Privity since our inception back in 2004.

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Privity Participates in Verofax Pre-seed Investment Round

DUBAI, UAE, July 5, 2020 – (ACN Newswire) – Verofax Limited, a start-up building innovative Traceability services with the application of blockchain, closed its recent pre-seed investment round with participation from Privity FZ LLE, based in the UAE, acquiring an equity stake. Privity is an independent venture-focused advisory firm, founded in Dubai in 2004, that has backed and invested in more than a dozen portfolio companies since its inception. Wassim Merheby, Verofax CEO, commented, “We are truly thrilled to welcome Privity as a shareholder in Verofax. Traceability plays a key role in upgrading brand owners’ business through authenticity validation, advanced product marketing and access to financing and global markets. Traceability is a key enabler of digital transformation to automated and resilient supply chain services. In the markets where Traceability has been deployed such as China, sales increased by over 30% while consumer complaints dropped by 42%. It is just a matter of time for Traceability to become a must for ShopSafe compliance regulations, currently under review in the US.”

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