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Sleem Hasan
Financial Market Expert, CEO & Founder Privity

Technology, Art, & Interfaith Dialogue

Sleem Hasan
Financial Market Expert, CEO & Founder Privity

Understanding the MENA startup and innovation ecosystem with Mr. Sleem Hasan

Sleem Hasan
Financial Market Expert, CEO & Founder Privity

Dubai-based art collector Sleem Hasan on viewing art as passion and investment


A Portrait of Sleem Hasan painted by Ralph Heimans

Sleem is a globally seasoned Financial Entrepreneur, born in Fiji to Pakistani parents and raised in Nigeria. Educated at Oxbridge, he honed his skills working with Japanese counterparts at Nikko before settling in Dubai, UAE, where he resides with his wife and two daughters. In 1996, he founded Hasan Financial Corporation, an independent FCA-regulated advisory firm focusing on the Japanese Markets in the UK.

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Privity FZ LLE was founded in 2004 in Dubai, UAE, and today has backed 17 entrepreneurs in the last 15 years from all over the world. We are agnostic to geography as we are to industry vertical, we care and focus on the quality of the entrepreneur and the underlying compelling value proposition of the entrepreneurial idea.


Privity is a modem linking capital with ideas and opportunities
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