Art&Hope's 'Between Heaven & Earth' unites global talent in 5 cities.

Art&Hope Unites Global Talent In ‘Between Heaven & Earth’ Project Across 5 Cities

A huge round of applause to Carla Cid de Diego for her flawless execution of Art&HOPE’s inaugural event at the Teatro Real in Madrid. Her latest project “Between Heaven & Earth” will be uniting 5 cities, 5 opera houses, 5 international artists, and 5 Michelin Star chefs. You honoured Privity FZ LLE by inviting us to be a small part of your vision and journey back in 2023 to which I say THANK YOU! I look forward to your rollout across the other 4 cities and can’t wait to bring your creative talents and skills to the Dubai Opera in hashtagDubai insh’Allah.

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