Ralph Heimans has been living and working in Paris since 1997, and has received commissions from Australia, USA, Canada, England, France, Luxembourg and Dubai. Privity has commissioned two works by Heimans and had the privilege to partner and introduce Ralph’s talent to the Middle East.  He has since made frequent visits to Dubai, giving lectures and exhibiting his work.

According to Privity Chairman Mr. Sleem Hasan:

“Ralph has grown from strength to strength since we first met back in 2001 and his recent Danish  Royal commission can only  bear witness to the magic that I identified years back. Privity is delighted to have introduced him to the UAE region back in late 2004.”

After the recent success of his latest commission in Denmark, described by the Danish press as a “blockbuster”, Heimans said:

“For a portrait artist, painting Royalty represents the highest  honour. I was thrilled by the overwhelming response from the public, press and critics. I now look forward to returning to the Dubai region to continue working with Privity on exciting new  commissions”.

Visit http://www.frederiksborgmuseet.dk/default.asp for more of his works.