The impact of population growth on the environment.


The world population is increasing at an alarming rate. This not only will effect on the living standard of mankind but also cause the environmental degradation and shortage of natural resources including production of agriculture, shortage of fresh water and the loss of biological diversity.

Humans and other living organisms rely on the natural resources for their survival. Because of the growth in population the resources for every individual are decreasing. Often people think that the environmental deterioration happens because of the pollution in the environment. This is only one factor but the actual problem is something else.

The environmental deterioration is far more complex and dangerous phenomenon then the anticipated narrow view of pollution. The population size and the rate at which population increase in developed countries as well as in developing countries are the most important factor in environmental degradation. As the population increases the utilization of the natural resources maximizes and leads to the shortage of food, water and other necessities of life.

The current population of the world is about 7.5 billion as of (August, 2017) and it is projected to be 10 billion by the year 2040, as estimated on the current growth rate of 1.5 percent per …read more

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Communicative Competence – Road to Excellence


Cultural change can be a significant disturbance in one’s academic and professional career. We regularly dread rejection and even get ourselves caught in the journey of turbulent acclimatization to new practices when attempting to integrate into another culture. New culture could be a town, a living spot with your relatives, a college, or simply a substitute work environment. There are some individuals lucky enough to possess intercultural communication competence to blend in while many still oppose change and take a while to get used to new techniques.

Integration into new cultures requires being adaptive, social, friendly and compliant which in my opinion is easier if one knows the language of the culture one is stepping in or simply the culture of interest. Hence, I feel intercultural communicative competence needs to be addressed at school and college levels to help individuals integrate into new cultures easily while pursuing professional careers.
I have always been a protagonist of learning foreign languages because I believe the world is a global village and intercultural communication is the way forward to bridge the differences between the various parts of this global village. However, intercultural communication competence and integration into new cultures are two diverse topic that …read more

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Recycling for good. Stop thinking Start Acting


Consistently, it has been observed that more than $70 million worth of useful material is destined to end up in landfills. Furthermore, across many states in the U.S., unrecycled aluminum and substance that can be used for a number of purposes, represents more than $1.5 billion worth of waste, superfluously topping off landfills.

As the worldwide pioneer in goal setting, we, LinkaGoal, comprehend the need of motivating people to stop making plans rather start implementing with us. We understand the benefit of reusing the recycled material through substantial planning and execution. Truth be told, reusing is at the center of all that we do and we mean to sustain the planet, for you and for all.

Reusing is an alteration procedure changing over waste materials into valuable items. It is the pivotal part in the 3R’s “reduce, Reuse, Recycle”. Recycling in crucial to accessibility and sustainability of renewable as well as non-renewable resources that need to be conserved as worldwide populace walks upwards to 9.6 billion by 2050. Other main domains that recycling encompasses include decrease in ecological contamination and meeting advancing administrative benchmarks in the push for a more sustainable future.

Envision accessing metals without falling back on strip mining, open-pit mining …read more

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Sleep. Relieve. Repeat


Yes, you read that right! Sleeping your worries away is something we all need to practice for relieving the tensions we hold within.

Quality sleep is fundamental for a healthy lifestyle. Amid sleep, the body rests, washes down, and filters itself. It repairs, modifies, develops, and mends itself. The burdens, strains, and pressures amassed for the duration of the day are in a perfect world discharged, and, in our dreams, to some degree settled while sleeping, which suggests we must sleep to relieve stress.

beautiful girl sleeps in the bedroom

In dreams, the brain is interested in imaginative levels of the mind, and we can tap the well-spring of profound motivation, bits of knowledge, and even feelings that may significantly move and guide our lives. What’s more, in profound sleep, our cerebrum backs way off, and all the “mental projects” that we run stop to work, permitting us to rest in a condition of unadulterated being. At the point when our circuits are stuck with stress, and we tumble into bed depleted, and wake ourselves up with cautions, we are more averse to understand the full advantages sleep brings to the table.

Absence of sleep on the other hand, which is normal in nervousness …read more

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Well-being of humans, lies in well-being of all

wellbeing of all

We live in the modern world, which is referred to as the age of technology, of advancement and of innovation. This is the age of competition and all creatures here, on this planet are fighting for their success and survival. In this fast paced technological world, we have accomplished as a race, the human race, but have failed in being the superior creature of this planet. Accompanied by other social, economic and demographic problems, we have succeeded in making an impact on the world we live in today. This impact however, is a negative one. Every day is a challenge and in our quest to win the challenge we forget what impact we make on the other beings. Nonetheless, we influence our surroundings and the ones living around us in a way we might not ourselves want to be influenced. The struggle to be the best is driving humans crazy. For mankind to be benefitted, we tend to employee all such procedures that in one way or another effect our environment, the animals we share the planet with and all other biotic and abiotic factors of the environment.

The real essence of our well-being, survival and sustainability is actually the …read more

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Be Like America’s Top Fitness Influencers


There are thousands of people working every day to revolutionize the way people think about health, fitness, and happiness, and every year the world tries to highlight and recognise those making the biggest impact.

Health and fitness may not be a priority for all as they think other things they do are more important. Here are our top two health and fitness influencers who will definitely change your mindset. They are people who balance out doing their daily chores and giving their body enough time. It is because of their fitness that they are becoming increasingly popular.

Kyla Itsines

Topping the list of fittest people, and winning at her own game is the Instagram sensation and all-around bikini body badass Kayla Itsines. Founder of the Bikini Body Guides, Istines recently debuted her new app, Sweat With Kayla, which provides weekly coaching tips, quick workouts, and daily menus. Itsines reigns as queen of the largest female fitness community in the world, and if nothing else, her Instagram delivers some seriously fitspirational abs.

Bob Harper

The CrossFit athlete and favourite Biggest Loser trainer is rising in the ranks. Harper will host the hit reality show’s 17th season, adding some competitive new twists (and a …read more

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7 signs of mentally healthy person


Are you mentally healthy? Well you might think you are but some people around you must be dealing with hard times as their mental faculties aren’t broad enough. According to us however, if you posses the following characteristics, you and those around you who have these in common with you are mentally stable!

Effective Self-Perception

Coaching facilitates a learning around how to change your attitude towards yourself. Individuals change their attitude about themselves by observing their own behaviour, and noticing what causes the perceived negative behaviour. Work is then done to change negative perceptions, to positive ones

Self-esteem and Acceptance (which is realistic)

It is of paramount importance that you see yourself as whole, that you respect and love yourself, before you can make any lasting and positive changes to your world. Self-esteem is a set of attitudes, perceptions, feelings, evaluations, opinions and actions directed toward yourself which influences your behaviour.  Coaching helps to view yourself in a positive light and accept those things which you may perceive as being negative.

Control of behaviour

Behaviour awareness and management is an important tool to help with management on all levels – personally and professionally. Coaches can share behaviour management strategies which have worked …read more

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Postpartum Fitness Plans  


Hi mother to be, pregnancy is a big challenge, and congratulations you have almost reached the finish line. While you think about your big day, your future plans for yourself must also be addressed. As you have made it to the last month and have gained a few pounds that you would otherwise avoid putting on, your fear of never getting your body back is attaining an alarming level. Do not stress out, rather plan out your postnatal activities, including fitness goals and workout routines.

Getting back into shape will not be easy, as some women assume it to be, for breastfeeding alone does not magically melt away the pounds while simultaneously adding muscle, postpartum fitness plans do so. If you are not a rich and famous celebrity mommy, do not have a personal trainer scheduled, your meals prepped accordingly, a nanny to watch over the new born baby while you gym rather are one of the many ordinary, non-celebrity mothers wondering if you will ever get back to being fat free then planning postpartum fitness routines are a must for you.

To fulfill your dream of being the super model mom you need to lay out a fitness plan …read more

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Being Single on Valentines Day – Fun Goals!


Ok, so romance? Yeah. Exactly what everybody needs? umm not really!

The Valentine’s Day shenanigans (literally all around) and the journey for social acknowledgment can make the 14th February “Making Singles Aware of their loneliness Day” horrid and all the more annoying, whether by decision or by condition, you happen to be partner-less. It’s difficult to perceive what else life brings to the table when you’re assaulted with lighthearted romantic comedies on TV, blooming love, romance books, cutesy heart-formed knickknacks in the stores, and ceaseless drippy ads and occasion declarations at every step.

Fear not. You can be upbeat, happy and very enthusiastic about this Valentines day, even as a single. Here are the top 5 goals you need to set for yourself, forget about lovey dovey stuff and have fun.

Get Some Air. In the event that you feel dismal on the grounds that Valentine’s Day causes sentiments of forlornness and advises you that you’re “only” a single, it may understand that there are a lot of other single individuals encountering Valentine’s Day as well. While some of them may feel as hopeless as you, some of them are presumably having an awesome time chuckling at the pointlessness of Valentine’s Day or …read more

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Realistic Relationship Goals for This Valentines!

Couple behind heart shaped balloon

Now and then, the genuine living, practical relationship goals are the ones we require. We need to stop fantasizing and deal with reality! here are 10 things you may want for realistic relationship goals this Valentines Day!

1. Discovering somebody who will high five you for eating more than what’s coming to you of chicken from the family pail and not side eye you for making the most of your food.

2. Meeting somebody who has your back all the time and does not only pomp and show that when his friends are around

3. Being with a man who grasps the silence – Nope, on the grounds that I haven’t talked in 40 minutes doesn’t mean I need a separation. I’m simply into this film. Grasp the calm with me.

4. Meeting the one that acknowledges the you beauty – be it the the face or the heart.

5. Discovering your boxset/partner in crime/fun pal – Yes! How about we experience each and every criminal narrative on Sky. On the off chance that your TV seeing propensities adjust then it’s essentially intended to be. Love will never bloom in the event that one of you is Game of Thrones and the other one of …read more

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