AugmentCare Appoints Privity as Advisor in its Early Stage Funding

DUBAI, UAE, Nov 28, 2016 – (ACN Newswire) – AugmentCare, an integrated digital healthcare platform focused on emerging markets, has announced the appointment of Privity FZ LLE, an independent venture-focused advisory firm, to assist in its first round of fundraising and the rolling-out of its public beta in Pakistan early next year (1Q2017).

AugmentCare (‘AC’) has built a platform which will connect patients, doctors, care facilities, payers and corporates, while providing the most comprehensive information for preventative, diagnostic and care facilitation. The AC solution set focuses on the patient journey across the continuum of care and addresses the challenges faced by all key stakeholders – patients, providers, doctors, caregivers, payers, corporates, pharmacists and diagnostics – with a particular understanding of Pakistan’s healthcare system.

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Sleem Hasan speaking at DUBAI in5

DUBAI INNOVATION WEEK: An Entrepreneur’s Journey: The Privity Way- speaking at in5

Sleem Hasan speaking at DUBAI  in5Privity’s CEO Sleem Hasan spoke at the in5 conference earlier today. Click here to enjoy the video!


Discover 17 hot glue gun tricks that are amazing!

If you do any sort of crafting at all, you probably have a hot glue gun (or three) in your home. But it’s good for so many things outside of the crafting realm, too! Keep clothes, shoes and rugs from slipping, save your kids’ bath toys and more. Check out these 17 hot glue gun tricks for even more ideas.

Amazingly Useful Hot Glue Gun Tricks

Create grippers on your clothes hangers so your clothes never slip off again.

Keep water and mold out of bath toys by using your glue gun to seal up that little hole on the bottom.

Add grippers to slippery shoes. You don’t have to write your name (or your child’s name)… you can use squiggly lines or anything, really.

You can use that trick to create a non-slip grip on rugs, too.

Size down a ring that’s why too big by dipping the bottom in hot glue. It’ll work until you’re ready to get it permanently resized.

Get a Little Crafty With These Hot Glue Gun Tricks

Create fancy wax seals for your letters or invitations using this simple trick: put crayons in your hot glue gun instead of glue …read more

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Privity Logo

An Entrepreneur’s­ Journey: The Privity Way


Trial and tribulations are part and parcel of any entrepreneur’s journey. In this session the speaker will talk about what separates chaff from the grain.

Key Presentation Points:

Characteristics of an entrepreneur who apart from having a vision, perseverance, ability to adapt and pivot must wear humility, be articulate, focused and versatile to achieve their goals. The session will highlight journey of Privity and its portfolio company Loyyal joining prestigious Dubai Future Accelerator program.

Speaker Profile:

Sleem Hasan CEO & Founder, Privity an independent Dubai-based advisory firm that was founded in 2004. The company invests in entrepreneurs with interesting and unique ideas and helps them develop and grow. Privity is agnostic to geography and industry vertical and focuses on the quality of the entrepreneur and the compelling value proposition of the idea.

16 DIY Awesome Wall Art Ideas


 It is only the interior wall art and decors that show the unique taste of home owners! There is trend to not to leave the wall empty, there should always be something on them from decorous to functional and also from religious symbols to visual art pieces! If you are a fan of your own creative imaginations and are looking for DIY inspiration about interior wall art then our showcased collection of these DIY interior wall art ideas, is sure make you a jaw drop with amazement! Turn old material to heartwarming wall art pieces and manage the home decors on a budget along with a functional boost to your creativity!If you thing out of the box then intelligent and innovative ideas are sure to come to your mind!

Checkout the lip wall art, red hot beauty for any wall for a distinct look, it has wholly been achieved by placing rustic pallet remains together! Paint the canvas or draw some art shapes on them going with your own imagination and earn beautiful wall art frames and abstract art paintings out of them!

Go with stenciling to give some instant fab decorative prints to any blank wall area! Canvas …read more

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DIY Instagram Photo Box


Hands up if you’re an Instagram-a-holic? Us too. Since we lost count of the amount of pictures we snapped & filtered this year, we bring you this super awesome DIY Instagram box!  In true crafty-style, this can be created at home and doesn’t require too much work – we recommend a Sunday afternoon while playing your favorite music in the background.


1 Paper Mache Box
1 sheet of Poster Board
1-2 Sheets of Marble Paper
1 Sheet of Patterned Paper
1 Package of Full Sheet Label Paper
Double Stick Tape
Spray Adhesive
Gold Glitter Tape


Cover the outside of the box and the box lid with the marble paper. Use double stick tape or glue stick to attach it to the box.

Cover the inside of the box and box lid with the gold patterned paper.

Spray the posterboard with a light coat of spray adhesive and press on the remaining marble paper.

Using the ruler, mark off 3.5″ wide strips on the paper. You can cut as many as you like- you’ll …read more

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