Journey of a Spooktacular Business Venture

Born in a small town in Minnesota, Tom Fallenstein is aiming to turn his multi million dollar e-commerce venture into a billion dollar company, which originally started from their garage. Within just a decade went from a few employees to over a 1,000+ seasonal employees.

Tom started his first website in 2002 while he was in school and was learning about websites. The Internet was just coming online. Tom started the first website with one costume in three different colors. It was a flapper dress and was taking orders over the Internet. At that time, when you searched on Yahoo for a flapper costume, there was only one result and it was his website.

Embrace your outdoor love affair in this exclusive child fox costume that can only be found here!

— Halloween Costumes (@funcostumes) October 23, 2016 have hundreds of knowledgeable employees who are waiting to hear from customers. It’s not uncommon for a customer service representative to continue chatting with customers about a show, a movie, or a superhero long after the transaction is complete. If a customer doesn’t interact with an actual person, they have a “thank you” video displayed on the site after they …read more

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How Breast Cancer Sparked a Business Idea

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When his mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, Koray Lucas saw first-hand how difficult the rigorous treatment can be. He would accompany his mom to the hospital for radiation therapy five days a week, for an hour at a time, for six to eight weeks. Maria Lucas is a five-year cancer survivor and designer of The Radiant Wrap, an alternative, comfortable hospital gown for women to wear during radiation treatments for breast cancer.

On the website Lucas’s mother & Co-founder proudly proclaims:

I’ll always believe that out of something bad, something good is born, and that every dark cloud has a silver lining.

Lucas’s€™ mother hated the standard issued hospital gown that she had to wear during treatment, she felt like her personality was taken away and was uncomfortable, cold and embarrassed. So, she designed her own practical and stylish alternative and when she showed Lucas her creation, he knew she was onto something.

Fashionable and dignifying Wraps for #breastcancer radiation treatments.

— Radiant Wrap (@RadiantWrap) October 10, 2016

Koray has started to expand beyond the original wrap. He created a type of superhero cape for children in cancer treatment that is currently being used at UCSF Benioff Children’s …read more

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Breast Cancer Risks: Myths vs Facts


There are 2.6 Million new instances of breast cancer every year and death toll stands tall at 458,000. Breast Cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women, after lung cancer. Every 1 0n 36 (about 3%) women died of breast cancer, however the rate declined since 90’s, achieved by expanded awareness, progressive medicine & sooner identification through processing.

Source: Louisiana

Contribute your part in accomplishing this important #GlobalGoal, via spreading awareness and educating communities near you pertaining Breast Cancer 

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Global Goal-Breast Cancer Awareness


Every year October marks as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, across the globe! Agendas include; increase attention and support for awareness *the dead giveaway*, early detection, treatment & palliative care.

Image source: Julep

Only 22% survive Stage IV Breast Cancer, more research is crucial. Lets join forces to find cure, spread the word. Create #GlobalGoals to contribute your part towards the cause!

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Privity Logo

The Loyyal journey in Dubai seen through Privity’s lens

The Loyyal journey in Dubai seen through Privity’s lens


Circa late November 2014, I received a call from my dear friend Sadiq

Hussain and my neighbour (we live 25 floors apart!) suggesting I meet with

his house-guest, Gregory Simon, who was in Dubai as a speaker at the first

Blockchain conference in the UAE. We met on the 30F of our building  and

after exchanging pleasantries got introduced to this almost “wunder-tech”

called Blockchain. My two maths degrees let me down initially but over the

months and several Skype calls later with Greg exercising utmost patience,

I got my epiphany moment, to which I uttered-“Greg, this is probably one of

the most exciting phenomena we are witnessing in our lifetimes since the

advent of electricity!”- a statement now indelibly imprinted in my brain.

Since then, Loyyal(fka completed a Seed round of funding, the

Dubai Government launched the Global Blockchain Council and more recently

launched the Dubai Futures Accelerators to which Loyyal got chosen as one

of the 31 inaugural cohorts. On Oct 9th at the DFA they showcased a live

demo to an audience of about 100 people and yesterday I read with humility

and delight the article above in needless to say, a proud

moment for Privity, hence the need to document and share this journey for


Sleem Hasan

Loyyal helps make Dubai the global leader in Blockchain technology

Dubai’s Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan recently launched the Dubai Blockchain Strategy, a plan to use the technology in several different areas. The Blockchain Strategy has three main objectives, making the government more efficient, creating specialized sectors for business, and achieving global leadership.

“Dubai has sought to position itself at the forefront of the technology, and became the first government to introduce this technology in the world.” – Dubai Blockchain Technology

One of the blockchain platforms being used in Dubai is a universal loyalty and rewards system, run by New York-based blockchain startup Loyyal. The company CEO Gregory Simon officially announced the launch of the Dubai Points program on Sunday night.

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“Innovate for Refugees” award winners announced in Amman

AMMAN — Winners were announced on Tuesday in the “Innovate for Refugees” competition, honouring entrepreneurs with inventive ideas to address challenges facing refugees.

A team from the US, “Change: Water Labs” and Moroccan team Evaptainers each won a $20,000 prize in the category for best technological solution, organisers announced at a ceremony held under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Rania.

Minister of Municipal Affairs Walid Masri deputised for Her Majesty at the ceremony.

The Evaptainers designed “mobile and modular evaporative coolers that are ideal for low-income, off-grid areas and that can triple or quadruple the shelf-life of most produce”, according to the competition’s website.

The “Change: Water Labs” project consists of a “revolutionary evaporative toilet that is low-cost, compact, stand-alone solution for off-grid and informal dwellings and which rapidly ‘flushes’ away 85-90 per cent of daily household sewage volumes”.

The NaTakallam project from the US, a platform connecting Syrian refugees with Arabic learners around the world to make money while teaching Arabic, also won a $20,000 prize.

The LEDlife team from Switzerland won a $20,000 prize for their project to teach refugees how to use renewable energy technologies.

The Open Embassy project from the Netherlands won a $30,000 prize, while Recycle Beirut and Boloro and BanQ projects won $20,000 each.

Open Embassy is “an online helpdesk that enables… refugees with a permit to ask questions about their integration process”. From their answers, the project “develops an FAQ and a smart wiki and shares the lessons learnt with the key stakeholders”.

Boloro and BanQ “brings financial inclusion and economic opportunity solutions for refugees”, according to the contest’s organisers.

How To Prey Your Goals


Do you consider yourself a hunter? If you have you ever dated, played sports, or held a job, then your answer should be yes. We are always hunting trying to track down and take the things we want, the things that will make our life bigger, better, safer; more satisfying, exciting, and just plain fun.

Back in 2009, Jodie Fox started out on the Shoes of Prey journey. 6 years, and a lot of shoes later, Jodie travels the world speaking at events and sharing the love of shoes. An Australian entrepreneur now living in the USA, she’s one of the clever minds behind Shoes of Prey.

Avoid falling victim to your own expertise…

— Jodie Fox (@jodiefox) October 28, 2014

Inspiration comes from so many places! She pulled silhouette ideas from the runway and color combinations from her environment; a bunch of flowers, some old tiles or a piece of art. Some tips for designing a great shoe–firstly, prioritize comfort!

I’d always liked shoes, but I never loved them because I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. Either it wasn’t quite the right color, there was an embellishment I didn’t like, not quite the right heel …read more

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Loyyal selected to participate in the inaugural Dubai Future Accelerators Program

Loyyal is one of only 31 companies, out of 2,274 worldwide that applied, to be selected by the Dubai Future Foundation team to participate…

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