Millennial’s Mentor Emphasizes on Goal Setting

Entrepreneur’s entrepreneur & Co-founder of Elite Daily; Gerard Adams, aims to inspire millennials to convert their zeal for excellence and build the lifestyle they dream about.

Where are you going and why? What is your plan for getting there? How do you want to expand and scale? You should have a clear timeline of your goals, they should appear achievable and manageable, and reflect an obvious thought trajectory and milestones to reflect your progress. – Gerard

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At 24, Gerard Adams sold the company he co-founded – Elite Daily — for $50 million last year. Now, Adams is becoming a mentor for millennials and following in the footsteps of inspirational hustlepreneurs like Tony Robbins and Gary Vaynerchuk.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for — Gerard Adams (@IAMGerardAdams) September 8, 2016

There is no better way to learn than from someone who has already made their mistakes. Because you know, it’s not all about success. The reason I really like mentoring is because I have a lot of scars – Imade a lot of mistakes, I’ve had many failures that …read more

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AiSpot selects Loyyal to provide Blockchain Loyalty Solution for Norwegian Travel Platform

NEW YORK, Sept 27, 2016 — (ACN Newswire) — Loyyal, a leading blockchain start up focused on creating the future in global loyalty and…

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Goals are not just thinking it, it’s inking it!

Do you love chocolates? So does Honorée Corder; a successful entrepreneur earning dough in seven figures! Core difference being, persistence & inking down goals.

With a mission in mind, Honorée is inspiring others to convert their vision into real-life reality! She’s a best-selling author, writing books pertaining: single parenting, divorce, business relationship, success and recently about prosperity of writers. With her clientèle, she have achieved goals that truly are remarkable!

If you are not able to see your goals, they will take longer to achieve, and sometimes longer is never. ― Honoree Corder

Honorée started her career at a movie theater, today she’s working on many things including a book she just wrote; The Miracle Morning for Salespeople.

You’ve always wanted to write a book, but didn’t know what to do. It’s all in here: #youmustwriteabook

— Honoree (@Honoree) September 23, 2016

With 20 books to her name & so many best sellers, undoubtedly Honorée’s collection is the ultimate reading goals!

“If you want something, give it away. Find out what you want and then intentionally give it away. Then let the universe bring it back.”
That’s how she became business partners with Hal Elrod of the Miracle …read more

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Loyyal picked by Dubai Future Accelerators

Loyyal, a Privity portfolio company, was one of the 30 companies picked by Dubai Future Accelerators out of 2274 applications from 73 countries from across the world. They started their inaugural 90- day programme on 18th September 2016.

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Gelato vs Ice-Cream; An Inside Scoop

If a thought just occurred to you about your whole life being a lie? Well, get in line! While you’re at it, take sometime to think about your ultimate #FoodieGoals .

Gelato is normally denser, and milkier in texture yet has a soft elastic texture, while ice cream feels richer and creamier.

Created By Medness, from Visually!

Are you craving for Ice-cream/Gelato or some other summer treat? Don’t forget to share the scoop with your dessert buddies!

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Photographs that are ultimate Goals!

© imgur

When artists & nature join forces, mesmerizing masterpieces are born. So we decided to compile a list of #AdventureGoal and to provoke the artistic potential in you, we bring you magical moments capturing wondrous nature & diverse modern life

What if you toss hot tea into the air of Arctic
© imgur An eagle gliding over a lake in Canada
© (с) Fred Johns When there is no end to peace, Forests Russia
© Ivan Letokhin Flamingos assembled in a captivation frame, Yucatan Peninsula
© nationalgeographic A cloudy Westerdok District, Amsterdam
© AirPanoDelight for heart, Rango plays guitar
©Aditya PermanaSpot on!
© Tim BoyerAutumn ft. winter in Colorado, USA
© Jeff HoweAngels
© Robert RadomskiVibrant dancers on artful paper
© JR ArtistLet’s play galactic tennis
© Abhijeet KumarA tale of two Worlds! New York, USA
© imgurMaking ordinary extraordinary – Catch this cloud
© trynidada Volcanic eruption in Iceland
© Sigurdur Hrafn Stefnisson / www.stefnisson.comCoolest ghost town, San Francisco, USA
© Peter MajkutEnclosed Structure
© Stefano LandennaFresh dust of snow, covering trees
© Jan BainarThat’s just how Royal British Navy roll
© thefewgoodmenWhen cherries meet water
© Laurens KaldewayCity that never sleeps, Times Square, New York, USA.
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Pursuit vs End Result – What’s more Important?

Until this day, I wondered what mattered the most: the end result of what we had been working towards or the means by which we get to our destination? As I started looking for an answer in the collection of user feedback we’ve received over time, I began to think that it very much depends on what you re seeking – and the person.

Irrespective of our demographic, every one of us is in a constant pursuit of something. Some pursue Happiness, some pursue Money, some want to stand out among the crowd and be Cool, some pursue Popularity and some chase after Excellence.

Looking further into different types of pursuits practiced over time by notable legends, the most important and selfless one is the pursuit of Impact. As this pursuit requires maximum effort, most of the time, the pursuer doesn’t live long enough to see the impact as the results come in longer than they’d wish for. Look at all the great scientists, prophets and messengers, social and political leaders and workers – what they have pursued in their lives might have not brought immediate results, but the impact was so strong that it propelled thereafter and brought change. Since …read more

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Idea & Passion Beads A Successful Startup

Joseph and Giuseppe Ferlito traveled to the northern Italy to Sicily, to collect these trinkets from Mediterranean cities and some of the villages they visited. In 2008, they came across a bracelet containing a simple turtle bead which stood out from their other collections. Everyone loved it! They kept on doing the same thing and tracked the vendor of the bracelet in Sicily. After sometime they both realized they can capitalize on this. First they put in $5000 to design 20,000 beaded animal bracelets which were placed in New York City boutiques and 7-Elevens. They sold out in a week. They were priced from $1 – $2. After that Joseph’s father pitched in $150,000 to make 750,000 more bracelets. They also sold out within two months. That’s brilliant!

“We set out to create a bracelet that reminded us to live life to its happy, colorful potential each day” – Joseph Ferlito

They named their brand as Trrtlz, catchy right? Today it is one of the famous brands which has more than 175 bracelet designs and makes around $65 million in sales. There are other retailers such as Walmart, Target, Michaels and QVC which carry the bracelets at their stores. They …read more

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