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Source:: Loyyal Logo Raises $1.5 Million Seed Round

NEW YORK, NY, Feb 26, 2016 – (ACN Newswire) –, a NY-based blockchain technology startup, announced that it closed a $1.5 million seed round, led by Hayaat Group, an investment company based in Dubai, with Privity FZ LLE acting as advisor. has built the world’s first universal platform for the loyalty and rewards industry using blockchain and smart contract technology. Currently, program operators such as airlines or hotels, are faced with high operational costs and outdated processes, resulting in a poor customer experience.‘s universal platform coupled with its patent-pending technology enables program operators to reduce costs by sharing a distributed ledger, thus streamlining the customer experience while more effectively managing the rewards liability.

The US loyalty and rewards market alone is $65B this year and expected to double in the next 5 years.‘s vision is to remove the friction preventing program operators from working together in redemption networks by creating a single ecosystem, the LoyaltyNetwork.

“We are the first company to introduce blockchain and smart contract technology to the loyalty and rewards industry,” said Greg Simon, CEO and Co-Founder of “This funding will allow us to accelerate development by expanding our team as more behavior incentification opportunities arise beyond the traditional model.”

About is reinventing how loyalty is created and rewarded. The technology allows program operators to establish multi-agent redemption networks, effectively manage program liabilities, and offer dynamic issuance/redemption options. For more information visit

About Hayaat Group

Three decades in the Middle East and Europe has cemented Hayaat Group’s reputation as one of the premier investment companies in the region. Please visit

About Privity FZ LLE

Founded in 2004, Privity FZ LLE is an independent Dubai-based advisory firm that seeks entrepreneurs with interesting and unique ideas and helps them develop and grow. For more information, please visit

For more information please contact:

Sean Dennis
Co-Founder & COO Raises $1.5 Million Seed Round

NEW YORK, NY, Feb 26, 2016 — (ACN Newswire) —, a NY-based blockchain technology startup, announced that it closed a $1.5 million…

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Top #RelationshipGoals

Top relationship goals

Your affection for your Partner, BFF & Parents makes it the “original” Love Triangle. Three most important people in anyone’s life & undoubtedly are ultimate #RelationshipGoals

Earlier in our blog, we suggested few Goals to achieve with your loved ones or perhaps be creative & create your own. So we ran a survey to find out, what’s trending!

Got some crazy goal ideas? Create your goals on Linkagoal

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Privity Logo

Dubai Museum of the Future Foundation announces launch of Global Blockchain Council

DUBAI, 17th February, 2016 (WAM) — Dubai Museum of the Future Foundation has announced the establishment of the Global Blockchain Council to explore and discuss current and future applications, and organise transactions through the Blockchain platform. Blockchain records every transaction made by the digital currency, Bitcoin.

The council will highlight the implications of this innovation on the future of business and finance sectors, and its role in facilitating transactions within the various sectors of financial and non-financial sectors as well as to increase efficiency and reliability levels.

Transactions on Blockchain can only go through if all the members approve, which limits the chances of fraud and money laundering, as the digital currency cannot be forged or damaged and can be moved across borders with ease. It also facilitates the shopping process across social media and websites.

Blockchain is defined as a digital protocol to carry out transactions and transfer money using a wide network of computers around the world, and its requirements are: the availability of digital currencies, accurate documentation, and absolute trust between all stakeholders. Blockchain can be both private and public, and enables people to choose whether to share or withhold the personal details of the stakeholders.

The establishment of the Global Blockchain Council comes in line with the efforts of Dubai Museum of the Future Foundation to promote innovation and use the next generation of technologies to enhance UAE’s position as a leading centre for innovation and knowledge economy.

Saif Al Aleeli, Chief Executive Officer of Dubai Museum of the Future Foundation, said the Council is a new step within the framework of the new generation of services for smart cities of the future, and the development of innovative solutions. It also promotes community awareness about the importance of innovation to keep up with the demands of the future, and stimulate inventions and innovations.

Al Aleeli said that several studies indicate that over the next four years the global market for digital transactions will reach US$9.5 billion, and the global investments in Blockchain technology will reach the $300 billion. He added that the significant growth in the volume of transactions using Blockchain platform during 2015, which reached 56%, refers to the great opportunities that can be utilised through the optimal application of this technology in the relevant sectors.

He also said, “The Global Blockchain Council will launch different initiatives under its umbrella to highlight and promote Blockchain and digital currencies, and explore its advantages and disadvantages. It will also draw a roadmap for best uses of this emerging technology.”

The initiatives planned by the council include an annual conference that will host high-profile individuals, workshops, awareness sessions, hackathons, and start-up conferences to connect with potential investors.

The council will help UAE authorities and corporations better understand this technology and consider its regulatory implications, and conduct pilot projects to test the readiness of markets to adopt digital currencies.

Dr. Aisha bin Bishr, Director-General of Smart Dubai Office, said, “By quickly mobilising a joint council of public and private sector stakeholders, Dubai asserts its commitment to an agile and collaborative government that embraces technology innovation to enhance quality of life for all. New technologies such as Blockchain open significant opportunities for all service providers to reshape transactions, making experiences more seamless and secure for all customers.”

“With the evolution of the digital age, every so often we witness technology so revolutionary it changes our outlook. Blockchain is such a technology that could revolutionise the way governments and companies conduct businesses. Dubai International Financial Centre is honoured to be a member of the Blockchain Technology Council of Dubai. We look forward to working closely with our colleagues on the council to explore the opportunities Blockchain technology could bring to our industry and markets,” said Arif Amiri, CEO of Dubai International Financial Centre Authority.

The first pilot project is the BitOasis project, which will be implemented by Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, DMCC, to secure flexidesk contracts and registration process using the Blockchain ledger. The second pilot project is Kraken Bitcoin Exchange, which will help DMCC catalyse Blockchain technology in select Islamic finance operations.

“The Global Blockchain Council’s role is to ensure that Dubai remains ahead of the curve and to provide ideas and guidance on how Blockchain can benefit market participants, DMCC members and ultimately contribute to Dubai’s economy,” said Ahmed bin Sulayem, Executive Chairman of Dubai Multi Commodities Centre Authority. “The Blockchain technology delivers speed, efficiency and lower transaction costs that are central to DMCC’s strategy to continuously drive innovation. It is therefore a natural next step for DMCC to play our part in not only piloting the BitOasis and Kraken Bitcoin Exchange projects, but to do everything we can to bring more projects like these to market in the future in collaboration with the Dubai Blockchain Council.”

Osman Sultan, CEO, du, also shared his thoughts, “The world is embracing innovative forms of digitisation in innovative ways, and Blockchain has the potential to lead the next revolution. Blockchain represents a timely new ecosystem of exchange involving different stakeholders, and it is not surprising to see Dubai taking the lead; history has proven that the city has been at the heart of various flows in this part of the world.”

Malek Al Malek, CEO, TECOM Business Parks, said, “Blockchain is a great example of the innovation that we are seeing across Dubai, and the latest in a series of initiatives introduced by the government to champion digital and smart technology. Pioneering innovation and the creation of new technology lie at the heart of Dubai’s innovation strategy, and we are delighted to be supporting this initiative, and look forward to working with the council to ensure it is a success.”

The council consists of 32 members, all of which are potential key players in the Blockchain industry, and are shaping the market day by day. They include government entities, international companies, leading UAE banks, free zones, and international Blockchain technology firms, including, Microsoft, Du, SAP, IBM, Cisco, TECOM, Dubai Holding, Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, EmiratesNBD, Emirates Islamic, Dubai International Financial Centre,, Careem, Mashreq, InfoSys, Wamda,, Kraken, BitOasis, Umbrellab, AstroLabs, YellowPay, SmartStart Fund, Etheruem, Viktor Koenig, Privity FZ, Digitus, Network Int., Michael Mainelli, Vinay Gupta, Smart Dubai Office and Dubai Smart Government.

The Blockchain market reports that the average volume of bitcoin transactions in 24 hours is $105.6 million, and the Bitcoin market cap is averaged at $6.8 billion. Bitcoin is one of the most used digital currency, others include as Ripple, Dash, and Aurocoin.

Blockchain supports more than 2 million bitcoin wallets and is supported by iOS, Android, and the web. Blockchain is available worldwide in more than 15 languages, and allows the user to send bitcoin by emails and text message, while still maintaining the user’s privacy and security.

Press Release: joins The Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Project

NEW YORK, NY, Feb 16, 2016 — (ACN Newswire) —, an exciting blockchain and smart contract based loyalty solutions startup, today…

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Supply Chain Loyalty: The Evolution of Coupons

Greg Simon, CEO & Co-Founder, (

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5 Types of People on Valentine’s Day

Always Single: The ones, who grab their single friends, celebrate their freedom and party down the week.

Recently single: Burning ex’s gifts/ pictures (belongings), friends gathering around for a bonfire in the backyard.

Love birds: Valentine is all about romance, gifts, roses, candlelight, and expensive dinners. It’s that one special day a year where you shower your significant other with love, adoration, and tokens of affection.

Not-so-sweet valentine: A Non-Celebratory Piñata, hanging on a tree and hitting it with a baseball. Wearing an already taken t-shirt, saying Bacon is my Valentine because you never forget your first love. A poetic mug saying cupid rhymes with stupid.

Long Distance: A surprise trip to see him/her with a package full of goodies and love notes.

So which type are you, what’s your plan for this valentine? Share with us #RelationshipGoals

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Ways to celebrate your Valentine’s Day


Valentine is labelled as a materialistic occasion; on the contrary it must portray sentimental values, to signify level of affection for your better half. The effort to make it worth his/her while is ultimate #RelationshipGoals!

Spread the love-note filled balloons in your room, for your partner to pop



Pen all the things you adore about you as a couple or about your significant other on paper strips, roll them inside empty balloons, and blow ‘em up! Balloons may appear just a Valentine’s Day décor, at instance. But once popped, tiny love-notes *your creation* will be there to seize the moment.

Ps: Don’t forget to capture his/her reaction


Décor your partner’s mirror with sticky notes, spell out something cute and fun or make a heart shape with it. Perhaps write about the nostalgic moments you shared together or how you felt when you met him/her for the first time?


Nothing says “I love you” more than heartwarming fare especially when it’s served in bed. Valentine’s morning is the perfect excuse to indulge in berry-infused pastries and heart-shaped treats so delicious, you’ll wish every day was a special breakfast-in-bed affair.


Make a “Valen-timeline” of your relationship that …read more

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Top 7 Relationship Goals


The most profound emotion to human being is love. Though there are many genres to it, but arguably the romantic kind seems to capture attention of the most. Fewer consider it a cradle for deep fulfilment and for others; a significant aspect, floating their lives.

The ability to develop a profound, lasting relationship requires efforts and commitment, and in the process one must prove with actions, how much the other person mean to them. Expressing via sentiments is the best practice as it further deepens the bond.

Though we plan BIG, but fail to follow through as we can’t keep a track of our #relationshipGoals. *Not to worry anymore, that’s where we come in*

Here’s a list of few #RelationshipGoals you can achieve with your loved ones, but why stop there? Come up with crazy idea and inspire others around you and across the globe.

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