3,2,1… Happy New Year 2014

Out with the old and in with the new! If you had a great year full of accomplishments like graduating or getting married, Happy New Year 2014 is the perfect time to reflect and cherish those memories. Maybe this year wasn’t exactly the best, New Years is also a time for fresh starts and brand new beginnings. It’s a holiday celebrated across the globe since the time of Babylon almost four thousand years ago. In most parts of the world, New Year’s festivities start on the evening of December 31st a.k.a New Year’s Eve, it and the party doesn’t stop until January 1st.

One of the greatest aspects of New Years is that it truly is a celebration of friendships. Holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas tend to be more family oriented with the extended family flying in from all over to visit. However, New Years is supposed to be celebrated with your closest of friends (who very well might be your family). One tradition that my friends and I do every year is to read the memories that we have written down and placed in a jar throughout the year. It is a wonderful way to pay …read more

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Obama ready to issue yet another executive order without consulting congress.

Obama ready to issue yet another executive order without consulting congress.
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What an inspiring story from Brookdale Senior Living.

What an inspiring story from Brookdale Senior Living. We had to share it.

Timeline Photos
Ruby Holt has never been to the beach in her 100 years on this earth. Thank you @[131864448492:274:Wish of a Lifetime] and @[88994218918:274:Perdido Beach Resort] for helping us make this lifelong dream a reality! http://buzz.mw/bg6zq_l …read more

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Caremerge is thrilled to be a part of Aging2.0 Academy!

Caremerge is thrilled to be a part of
The Aging2.0 team is thrilled to announce the 2014-2015 Aging2.0 Academy Class!!
@[1462706743978315:274:Accushield LLC], @[138001136338589:274:Breezie], @[346869702040294:274:CareMerge], @[437151639637018:274:Evermind, Inc.], @[288181037874577:274:Everplans], @[523035931059412:274:GeriJoy Inc.], @[198379533673047:274:Gociety], @[603756963046755:274:Life in the Moment], @[149651914224:274:Linked Senior], @[673025199478716:274:Narrative Apparel], @[688865387823583:274:Roobrik], @[225624990782421:274:SingFit], @[521978014567419:274:Smartstones, Inc.], @[302957226409153:274:WalkJoy, Inc.], @[167307856690890:274:WoundRounds] & more!
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Rebel leader challenges Ukraine president to settle things the old-fashioned way…

Rebel leader challenges Ukraine president to settle things the old-fashioned way.
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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year – Merry Christmas 2014

Merry CHRISTMAS 2014 !!! Who doesn’t get excited about December 25th? Let me rephrase that…how can you not get excited about Christmas? With all the Christmas songs playing on the radio and holiday movies you watch every year airing on TV, it is impossible to not get into the spirit. I know, I know- it seems that every year the commercialism of Christmas is getting worse. Stores start playing seasonal music and displaying Santa Claus as early as the 1st of November. It can really put a damper on your spirits, however I choose to make the most of it and make it a goal to keep Christmas as authentic as possible, and I’ll tell you how I do it.

To me, the best part of Christmas is the excited feeling of anticipation and countdown to the big day. My mom used to get my two big brothers and I advent calendars every year. So starting December 1st, we would always open the little slot for each day and get a little chocolate in the shapes of snowmen or candy canes or Santa. Now there are countdowns on TV that play classic Christmas movies everyday until the 25th. Which …read more

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This is a great news!

This is a great news! Two top notch Aging organizations join hands to support and promote technology innovations in long term care.
Aging2.0 and @[115893215127952:274:Agetech West] plan to join forces to further the shared mission to accelerate innovation to improve the lives of older adults. Integration will increase the depth and breadth of the Aging2.0 platform. Click here for more information: http://goo.gl/nK61IP …read more

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The India Sterilization Tragedy; Highlighting the Need for Better Choices, Safer Procedures


Co-Authored by Prashant Yadav, PhD*

Earlier this week 13 women died in Chhattisgarh in central India. They died after undergoing sterilization in a high-volume, low-cost “mass production” type campaign commonly termed “surgical camp.” The media outrage over this has been astounding both in Indian and Western media. The New York Times calls this the highest death toll from a sterilization campaign. The cause of the deaths has not been officially confirmed, but observers say the women showed signs of toxic shock pointing to infected or unsterilized surgical equipment as a possible contributor to their death. Even if tainted medicine turns out to be the cause, this episode should focus us on the importance of sterile procedures.

Given the highly controversial past of India’s family planning program, it is only natural that this incident draws strong reactions from civil society and women’s rights groups across the world. Since independence in 1947, the Indian government has run one of the world’s largest family planning programs. In its early days from 1960s to mid-1970s the Indian family planning program employed a combination of coercion and financial incentives. In mid 1970s constitutional rights and other freedoms were …read more

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Getting Good Grades in Class is more than Mental Strength

Getting good grades in class is not just about focusing on the mental aspect; it’s more than that. One of the reasons why many fail to get good grades is because they lack some ingredients towards bringing out the genius within themselves. The mental capacity of an individual greatly depends on the overall performance of the body, which includes the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and social aspects. Any problems with one of them may hinder your way towards getting the best grades in class. If it’s your goal to become top in the class, then becoming balanced in all these aspects will unlock the brilliance in you.

It all starts with the physical aspect. The physical involves the proper diet, exercise and rest, which contributes to the fundamental health of the person. Your body needs proper diet and nutrition for it to act properly; it needs the required energy for the body to work. Exercise is vital for proper blood circulation and oxygenation; the brain needs to feed on oxygen and glucose, which are carried through the blood. Sleep and rest times is also vital for the brain to work well; it’s during sleep times that are body repairs itself, as …read more

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Training Your Puppy to Listen and Learn Tricks

The usual goals of pet owners are to train their puppies, but wondered how to do it and when to start training their adorable pets. The best time to start training your puppy is immediately. Puppies learns quickly, and the younger your pet it is the better; it is usually these times that puppies can easily grasps whatever is happening around their surroundings, as well as keep in their memory about the things they experienced. So, if you have a puppy, start training it today, which is a lot easier, because the older it gets the harder it will learn new tricks.

So, here are some quick tips on how to train your puppy to listen, become more obedient, well-balanced and fun to be with right at the beginning. Indeed, you will need some positive reinforcements during the training like a dog food, but it’s not really necessary. What it really takes to become a great trainer is to become a strong pack leader. The puppy must find you as the lead pack because that’s how nature meant them to be in terms of responding to a higher authority. In short, you have to lead by example.

Nature really designed the puppy, …read more

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