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Verofax Africa

Verofax is a company that started in 2018. They make software tools to help businesses with their supply chains and making sure they follow CBAM regulations. They also help improve how customers experience their products. Their tools do things like checking if products are real, keeping track of where products come from, and making sure products are fresh. They also help with taxes and learning more about what customers like through mobile apps.


Pow&Go is a company that offers portable power solutions for electronic devices. Their products include power banks, charging cables, and adapters designed to provide convenient charging options for smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets on the go. They aim to offer reliable and efficient charging solutions for consumers who need to stay connected while traveling or away from traditional power sources.


BIY is a revolutionary eco system changing the relationships between consumer and manufacturers through an innovative marketplace that promotes custom-made furniture and homeware production for the masses. Our marketplace empowers consumers to design their own furniture, enjoy complete price transparency through an automatic bidding and pricing engine, and choose their preferred local manufacturer from a large database of authorized manufacturers.


TheCapitalNet is a SaaS company that operates at the intersection of process, intelligence and transactions related to the private markets including investments (PE, VC, CVCs, Angel Networks, and M&A), innovation (Accelerators and Incubators), and startups. We put the best technologies at work while collaborating with our stakeholders to enable what they do best, i.e. value nurturing and wealth creation.


Tolemaica is an innovative Startup founded upon the vision and the determination of a group of neapolitan entrepreneurs Domenico De Luca (Ceo e Founder), Gianluca Pirpan (CTO), Ludovico Ciaccia (CMO), Angela Aloschi (Lawer), Antonio Della Notte (CM).

Tolemaica offers a service of legal certification of photographs and voice recordings collected from smartphone and other devices, with date and geolocation in an automatic and instantaneous way. This service obtained a) national and international copyright; b) positive Patent response from the Italian Ministry (MSE) and from the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization). This software provides a SYSTEM to solve certification issues of single individuals, professionals, companies and public institutions; flexible and usable with smartphones, or equipment already provided, such as Scanners, PDAs, Drones, CombatCam, and compatible with any App already in place through the API (Application Program Interface).


At Loyyal, we are reinventing how customer incentives are created, rewarded, and managed. Using proprietary blockchain and smart contract technology, our patented platform brings a host of benefits to a highly fragmented industry and offers brands an innovative way to unlock the billions of dollars in value held captive in legacy loyalty programs today.


Developer of motion recognition technologies designed to enhance any product with motion and gestures. The company's motion recognition technologies offers single-function wearable devices and a cloud-based platform for leveraging data gathered from the wearables, enabling consumers to get early alerts for health problems.

Ralph Heimans

Ralph Heimans' large-scale portraits are renowned for their innovative compositions that offer engaging narratives about his subjects and their life stories. His sitters include extraordinary individuals who have made a significant contribution in the fields of arts, academia, law, business, politics and philanthropy. Their portrayals are informed by a creative integration of subject and context. Figures are placed in complex spatial arrangements, underpinned by an innovative use of geometry, reflection and perspective. His technical approach pays homage to the 17th Century masters of chiaroscuro, exploiting exquisite effects of light, which appear to illuminate the inner world of his subjects. London-based Australian artist Ralph Heimans (b1970) is one of today’s leading portrait artists. His official portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth was produced for the Diamond Jubilee in 2012 and now hangs in Westminster Abbey, while his celebrated portraits of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh (2017) and HRH The Prince of Wales (2018) are in the Royal Collection.


Qbeats is a technology company that answers the fundamental question: “What is content worth?” • Publishers use this valuation to monetize their content and maximize revenue from their information assets. • Consumers adapt to premium information consumption on a pay-per-view basis. • Advertisers have the opportunity to shift from intrusive advertising to supportive sponsorship by sponsoring highly relevant content that is contextually matched to ads. In essence the ads serve as an alternative currency to micro-payments for pay-per-view consumption. Lead, manage and mentor a team of Product Managers, directors, and related personnel. Designed and executed innovative products, marketing strategies and tactics for consumers, publishers and advertisers, based on comprehensive customer competitive research.


Linkagoal is a goal-based social network; it promotes the habit of writing goals and helps to connect individuals based on similar goals and objectives in life. With this, either users can get easily engaged with people who can benefit them in achieving their goals or they can also get associated with other users who are in the process of achieving the same kind of goals. Linkagoal is based on the belief that the lack of resources, guidance, experience, accountability, and encouragement hinders people from achieving their goals - so why not help them? After all, this whole universe is all about sharing ideas and making things easier for others - so is Linkagoal.


EER was incorporated in England on 27 August 2004, operating from its office in London. EER now has registered two wholly owned subsidiary companies in Nigeria – Energy Equity Resources Oil & Gas Limited, and EER Oil & Gas Limited. EER’s most important activity is the exploration and production of oil and gas and we are currently active in 3 licenses offshore Nigeria as well as Joint Development Zone of Nigeria and Sao Tome & Principe, Libya, and Mauritania, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Angola, Sudan, and Egypt.

Maculus Therapeutix

Maculustherapeutix is a company focused on developing therapeutic solutions for macular degeneration, a leading cause of vision loss. Their primary focus is on developing innovative treatments that target the underlying causes of macular degeneration to help preserve and improve vision for affected individuals. They are dedicated to advancing research and development efforts to address the unmet needs of patients with macular degeneration and ultimately improve their quality of life.


At UrbanGo, we're on a mission to tackle the pressing challenges of climate change with a strong sense of purpose and profitability. Our vision extends beyond mere sustainability; we're dedicated to shaping a future where environmental responsibility is seamlessly integrated into every facet of business and daily life. Through our AI-driven digital solutions and groundbreaking "Proof of Sustainability" technology, protected by patents, we're at the forefront of tracking, analyzing, and promoting sustainable behavior change. By leveraging a wealth of behavioral data, we craft tailored sustainability personas for individuals, empowering them to make impactful choices. Collaborating closely with brands and cities, UrbanGo serves as a strategic partner in their journey towards achieving sustainability goals. Our approach isn't just about offering solutions; it's about fostering meaningful change and driving tangible results. Join us at UrbanGo as we pioneer the way towards a future where sustainability isn't just a buzzword, but a fundamental pillar of business success and societal progress.


Founded in 2012, Caremerge is on a mission to reinvent the senior living experience. We do this by providing communities with an all-in-one platform that empowers families, residents, and staff. Our robust platform is made up of four core solutions: Family Engagement, Community Engagement, Calendar Central, and Chronic Care Management.


Boloro global limited Headed efforts to develop and market authentication solutions to mobile operators, governments, banks, and others to verify user identity and enable secure activity on any mobile phone.


Verofax is a company that started in 2018. They make software tools to help businesses with their supply chains and making sure they follow CBAM regulations. They also help improve how customers experience their products. Their tools do things like checking if products are real, keeping track of where products come from, and making sure products are fresh. They also help with taxes and learning more about what customers like through mobile apps.

Eniware, LLC

Infection and disease transmission in clinics and hospitals afflict millions in the developing world. There is no satisfactory, effective non-electricity dependent sterilization available today. Founded in 2011, Eniware, LLC is poised to provide portable, power-independent sterilization of medical equipment for existing and expanding healthcare anywhere, at any time. Eniware has secured an exclusive proprietary license for patented nitrogen dioxide (NO2) gas sterilization technology for Africa, Asia (except Japan), and the Middle East, as well as a global license to develop portable sterilization solutions for military and disaster relief applications. Eniware will provide portable, power-free, low-cost sterilization of medical instruments in resource-limited environments from disaster areas to conflict zones and from urban hospitals to rural clinics around the world.