Privity Congratulates Verofax For Winninig Sustainova Startup Challenge, 2024

Privity Congratulates Verofax For Winning Sustainova Startup Challenge, 2024

I am eternally grateful to Rekha Setpal who kindly referred me to Wassim Merheby & Jamil Zablah for a meeting at Privity FZ LLE‘s office on 20th January 2020. What an amazing journey to have witnessed first-hand and looking forward to seeing Verofax become the poster-child of “reverse-innovation” from the MENA region one day insh’Allah.
Heartiest congratulations to Verofax for winning the esteemed Sustainova Startup Challenge 2024, powered by Risin Ventures.
Verofax was the first MENA/GCC/UAE venture to be backed by Privity FZ LLE.

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