What is Cuberz

Cuberz is an ECO-System connecting furniture customers & suppliers in a disruptive business model, enabling them to interact through a web interface like never before.

One platform in which the customer can design and acquire his wishful furniture and the supplier can create a constant demand funnel.

Whether you’re looking for a table, a closet, a shelf, or a cabinet, with only a swipe

of a finger you can design the piece of furniture that you need and have it made

anywhere, anytime.

As soon as you start creating your design, the platform provides you with a 3D

visualization of your creation, that you can edit as much you’d like to suit your needs. When you complete it, Cuberz automatically finds the best possible production cost and helps you find skilful and available craftsmen from our large database of authorized sellers, no need to wait for a quote using an automated bidding and pricing engine!