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The impact of population growth on the environment.

The world population is increasing at an alarming rate. This not only will effect on the living standard of mankind but also cause the environmental degradation and shortage of natural resources including production of agriculture, shortage of fresh water and the loss of biological diversity. Humans and other living organisms rely on the natural resources […]

Communicative Competence – Road to Excellence

Cultural change can be a significant disturbance in one’s academic and professional career. We regularly dread rejection and even get ourselves caught in the journey of turbulent acclimatization to new practices when attempting to integrate into another culture. New culture could be a town, a living spot with your relatives, a college, or simply a […]

Recycling for good. Stop thinking Start Acting

Consistently, it has been observed that more than $70 million worth of useful material is destined to end up in landfills. Furthermore, across many states in the U.S., unrecycled aluminum and substance that can be used for a number of purposes, represents more than $1.5 billion worth of waste, superfluously topping off landfills. As the […]

Sleep. Relieve. Repeat

Yes, you read that right! Sleeping your worries away is something we all need to practice for relieving the tensions we hold within. Quality sleep is fundamental for a healthy lifestyle. Amid sleep, the body rests, washes down, and filters itself. It repairs, modifies, develops, and mends itself. The burdens, strains, and pressures amassed for […]

Well-being of humans, lies in well-being of all

We live in the modern world, which is referred to as the age of technology, of advancement and of innovation. This is the age of competition and all creatures here, on this planet are fighting for their success and survival. In this fast paced technological world, we have accomplished as a race, the human race, […]

Be Like America’s Top Fitness Influencers

There are thousands of people working every day to revolutionize the way people think about health, fitness, and happiness, and every year the world tries to highlight and recognise those making the biggest impact. Health and fitness may not be a priority for all as they think other things they do are more important. Here […]

7 signs of mentally healthy person

Are you mentally healthy? Well you might think you are but some people around you must be dealing with hard times as their mental faculties aren’t broad enough. According to us however, if you posses the following characteristics, you and those around you who have these in common with you are mentally stable! Effective Self-Perception […]

Postpartum Fitness Plans  

Hi mother to be, pregnancy is a big challenge, and congratulations you have almost reached the finish line. While you think about your big day, your future plans for yourself must also be addressed. As you have made it to the last month and have gained a few pounds that you would otherwise avoid putting […]

Being Single on Valentines Day – Fun Goals!

Ok, so romance? Yeah. Exactly what everybody needs? umm not really! The Valentine’s Day shenanigans (literally all around) and the journey for social acknowledgment can make the 14th February “Making Singles Aware of their loneliness Day” horrid and all the more annoying, whether by decision or by condition, you happen to be partner-less. It’s difficult […]

Realistic Relationship Goals for This Valentines!

Now and then, the genuine living, practical relationship goals are the ones we require. We need to stop fantasizing and deal with reality! here are 10 things you may want for realistic relationship goals this Valentines Day! 1. Discovering somebody who will high five you for eating more than what’s coming to you of chicken […]