About Privity

Privity was founded in 2004, an independent Venture-focused advisory firm that seeks entrepreneurs with interesting and unique ideas and helps them develop and grow. Privity is agnostic to geography and industry vertical. It focuses on the quality of the entrepreneur and the compelling value proposition of the idea.

The 4-i-Methodology

Privity draws upon its unique methodology – 4i , to deliver insightful advisory and consulting services. The proven 4i Methodology is a result of Privity’s vast and diverse experience gathered over the years as well as application of highly specialized domain expertise. The four i ‘s are:


Ideas set the tone for a bespoke business strategy formation. Generating ideas that form a framework for the project is Privity’s first objective. Privity studies the overall value and uniqueness of the IDEA of your business. As a part of the ideation process, Privity identifies gaps and possible obstacles in your business plan and devises strategies to overcome them.


Combining the expertise, experience and knowledge as well as leveraging the association with subject matter experts, Privity captures high-level business intelligence from the market. The data is then transformed and combined into information that is used for enhancing your business plan. This includes planning of execution strategies for plugging of gaps and removing of obstacles to make your business idea more structured. Moreover, Privity constantly keeps identifying knowledge sources to draw business intelligence from.


Once opportunities have been identified, Privity designs innovative ways to successfully leverage them. Privity has the ability to innovate concepts to suit various industries. Privity’s experience and expertise enables analyzing of problems in different perspectives, ensuring no loose-ends remain open. This is coupled with deployment of new technologies to catalyze the process. Simultaneously, Privity moulds Best Practices and proven strategies to suit your business plan.


Privity uses inventive and rational methods, cut-out specifically for your nature of business, thus helping you devise a fully functional implementation plan. Creativity, intellect and knowledge form the cornerstones of the implementation plans.

Sleem Hasan

Sleem Hasan

Founder and CEO

A Financial Entrepreneur with a truly global background. Born in Fiji of Pakistani parentage, raised in Nigeria, Oxbridge educated, worked with the Japanese at Nikko and now resident in Dubai, UAE.
Founded Privity in 2004, an early stage venture-focused firm in Dubai; founded Hasan
Financial Corporation in 1996, an independent FCA regulated buy and sell side advisory firm focusing on the Japanese Markets based in the UK.
Sleem is married with 2 daughters and is resident in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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