5 Types of People on Valentine’s Day

Always Single: The ones, who grab their single friends, celebrate their freedom and party down the week.

Recently single: Burning ex’s gifts/ pictures (belongings), friends gathering around for a bonfire in the backyard.

Love birds: Valentine is all about romance, gifts, roses, candlelight, and expensive dinners. It’s that one special day a year where you shower your significant other with love, adoration, and tokens of affection.

Not-so-sweet valentine: A Non-Celebratory Piñata, hanging on a tree and hitting it with a baseball. Wearing an already taken t-shirt, saying Bacon is my Valentine because you never forget your first love. A poetic mug saying cupid rhymes with stupid.

Long Distance: A surprise trip to see him/her with a package full of goodies and love notes.

So which type are you, what’s your plan for this valentine? Share with us #RelationshipGoals

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