Communicative Competence – Road to Excellence


Cultural change can be a significant disturbance in one’s academic and professional career. We regularly dread rejection and even get ourselves caught in the journey of turbulent acclimatization to new practices when attempting to integrate into another culture. New culture could be a town, a living spot with your relatives, a college, or simply a substitute work environment. There are some individuals lucky enough to possess intercultural communication competence to blend in while many still oppose change and take a while to get used to new techniques.

Integration into new cultures requires being adaptive, social, friendly and compliant which in my opinion is easier if one knows the language of the culture one is stepping in or simply the culture of interest. Hence, I feel intercultural communicative competence needs to be addressed at school and college levels to help individuals integrate into new cultures easily while pursuing professional careers.
I have always been a protagonist of learning foreign languages because I believe the world is a global village and intercultural communication is the way forward to bridge the differences between the various parts of this global village. However, intercultural communication competence and integration into new cultures are two diverse topic that …read more

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