“Patience & Focus” – Mohsin’s Mantra

I dropped out of medical school as soon as I realized that wasn’t my life goal. Had this urge to do something different, it got me off the treadmill of life when I sat down to map out my own path and it was only then I recognized my passion for technology. However, just learning about the fact wasn’t enough. I needed to plan, take steps & to make sure to be persistent by staying on track. 10 Years down the line, the goals that I were able to achieve provided the real motivation to start Linkagoal.

When you’re pursuing excellence in your work, toughest achievements appear easy & minor tweaks produce massive results, you always seek for any room of improvement as satisfaction doesn’t come by easy.

I was struggling due to a technical glitch while demoing to a VC . He couldn’t bear any further and asked “Does it work?”

My greatest struggle right now is to make Linkagoal successful. Our goal is to help people achieve their life goals by sharing them on a goal based social network. Like most of the startup journeys, there are hurdles on the way. Some of them you know how to manage and …read more

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How To Sleep Your Way TO Achieving Goals

Taking naps while working is a bad thing right? Well there are outliers who have good reasons to disagree. The cofounder and editor in chief of the Huffington Post is the one who declared that and not for a small cause, she completely speaks from experience. Due to overworking and lack of sleep Mrs. Arianna literally broke a cheekbone while she fell asleep at her desk back in 2007. This wake-up call allowed Mrs. Arianna to restore her priorities by understanding that being successful begins with the basics, for something as simple as going to sleep.

Let’s not underestimate this, Mrs. Arianna Huffington’s life changed completely and her passion led to her to write a new book,“The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life One Night at a Time.”

An interview with Mrs. Arianna revealed that she listed sleep as top priority or else efficiency can be affected whether you realize itor not. She stated, “everything becomes transactional. You go through the motions — you go to your meetings, you get your to-do list. There’s no joy and there’s no real creativity.” Doing what you believe is something worth working for that’s why you will find napping pods which you can book …read more

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9 Friends We All Have

As friendship’s day is just around the corner; we all are pretty excited about it. We are gearing up for that day, planning things, gifts, surprises etc. to show our friends how much they mean to us and how much we love them. Our friends have been there for us like family, helping us and even supporting us. It would be a pity if we do not do something special for them this Friendship Day.

We have compiled a list of 9 friends we all have and ideas about how you can make this Friendship Day special for them. Take a look!

1. The Brutally Honest Friend

*Sure. Nothing is ever going to be good enough for you.*

We all are aware of that one friend who is brutally honest friend. No matter what, they always have been honest about their opinions. You can always trust them to speak the truth. So how about inviting them over to your house for dinner? You can cook something which should definitely be delicious and spend some quality time with them.

2. The Crazy Friend

*Woah buddy! Calm down!*

Well, this is that one friend you know will always have a funny crazy side which you absolutely love. How can …read more

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Accomplish More in Small Packages: Daily Objectives are the Way to GoAL


Your New Year’s Resolution probably floundered. That big goal of yours, lofty and vague, stood no chance. Usually not too much fun working on goals, isn’t it?

But don’t worry, the issue with reaching your goals isn’t you, it’s your goals. Large-scale goals, while great in their own right, are difficult to grapple and tend to fall to the wayside as we go about our busy, dynamic lives. Smaller, bite-sized goals, on the other hand, may be the key to success.

I argue that every life goal is bolstered by many daily goals. With a constant loop of setting and accomplishing goals, daily goals are the gift that keeps on giving. Take away the associated seriousness and formality and make it more fun you would always want to pursue.

By accomplishing one thing a day, you’ll soon adopt a habit of always wanting to achieve more on a regular basis.

Here are some tips for incorporating smaller, more actionable goals into your daily life:

Start small with your goals. Before attempting to abstain from coffee for a week, first try it for one day.

Set a goal you can easily accomplish before you wake up. Make it a goal, for just tomorrow, let’s say, to wake …read more

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8 Amazing Fitness Personalities

As human beings of the modern society, we are packed with work all the time. Head down, typing on our phones, working on our personal computer or our laptops; competing with each other in order to prove to the world that we are better than the person standing next to us. However, in the midst of all this chaos, we forget that we our own top most priority. We have become such workaholics or lazy to say the least that majority of us have completely given up on the fact of taking care of ourselves, staying healthy and fit.

Why is that so? Well, let me answer your question for you.

“We do not have time,” “We are busy,” “We are sleeping”

This is the excuse you give to yourself everyday right? However, there are dozens of people to help you with your queries. They are best at giving health and fitness advice furthermore, they are great at influencing people to take care of themselves! Take a look!

Kimberly Snyder

She is the person behind giving people the self-confidence to trust themselves. For her “Outer beauty is a reflection of Inner Health.” Kimberly has herself struggled with issues regarding acne and …read more

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