The Silicon Review is talking about our vision

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Are Goals To Be Shared Or Kept To Yourself?


The importance of goal making is inevitable. There’s an ongoing verdict less argument, whether goals are better shared with others or kept to yourself. We ran few polls on twitter to learn your opinion about the matter in hand.

Fewer goals are best kept private, sure, we agree! Our new release allows you to decide which goals to be shared with whom & lets you add progress update/ milestones to ease up your goal achieving process!

The post Are Goals To Be Shared Or Kept To Yourself? appeared first on Linkagoal.

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Elon Musk Proves Why You Should Boldly Share Your Goals

Goals are great. They are like light rays on a dark path, creating clarity on landmarks in your journey. And goal setting, believe me, is an art. Wonder what you stand to gain by sharing? Here are some points from Elon Musk, that proves why you should boldly share your goals;

It ensures your focus

When you share your goals you’re literally feeding your accountability muscle. If you’re telling to a friend: “you know what, I will build a robot”, you can bet that the next time you see each other, he’ll ask: “hey, buddy, how’s your robot building process going?” Accountability is a measure of your determination. You have the mindset that since someone knows about it already, it would be a shame not to achieve it. That drives you to achievable success. So, if you bring other people in your goal picture, you can bet that your overall involvement in that project will be considerably higher. Don’t wait for your Oscar. Don’t wait to be praised, anointed, or validated. Don’t wait for someone to give you permission to lead. Don’t wait for someone to invite you to share your voice. Just boldly share!

It gives Clarity to your goals

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Ideas For New Day Resolution

Long term goals are tough to achieve sure, hence the best approach to pursue them is in smaller chunks, on daily basis. The life span of our New Year resolution is shorter than 12 months, study reveals. You don’t have to wait for New Year’s Eve to commit to yourself; every day is a new beginning.

We get overwhelmed with sudden change in groove; major cause of giving up on goals. Picking up new teeny habits can be both fun and constructive, it triggers adrenaline rush as you travel from comfort zone towards adventure zone.

Strong morning groove is life altering. Jaimy Tardy of Eventual Millionaire interviewed hundreds millionaires over the years, they all shared a common commitment & devotion towards their morning routine.

Small daily improvement is vital to staggering long-term result. Daily walks to endorse health is old school to support body in the most effective and natural way. It helps one to master recovering from stress and breakdown.

Learning a second or a third language is always handy, even if it’s Klingon. Study suggests the main reason for people to stay motivated is for travel gain. Duolingo is an amazing …read more

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