How to Overcome your Scary Health Goals

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Visualize the hurdles – then knock them down

Think about what’s holding you back from reaching your goals, as if they were hurdles on a track. The visual will help you realize what exactly it is that’s frightening you from even attempting to achieve your goal. Then like the worst track star in the world, knock them down one by one!

Concentrate efforts on one thing at a time

Look at what’s not working in your life, and choose one big or small goal to work on little-by-little. You may not achieve everything all at once, but by giving yourself somewhere to start, you’re on your way to getting there.

Look fear in the eye

Whether it’s taking a dance course to shed pounds or public speaking frights, break down your fears into small steps. With each step, you will begin to face, embrace and eventually, erase the fear of failing, leading you towards the path of your longer-term goal.

Write it down, and then burn it

Be accountable to yourself first, before others. We all tend to be too abstract about our fears, and are unaware of what is ultimately holding us back from reaching our goals. When you write down …read more

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It’s Time to Put Teeth in Global Health Practice!

*Co-authored by Jack M. Levine DDS.

Let’s talk about teeth. The most common chronic disease in the word today is tooth decay. Gum disease is the sixth most common. Oral cancer ranks in the top 15 cancers worldwide. Although death from dental conditions is rare, the cost to society from absenteeism and loss of productivity has been estimated to be $144 billion per year.

According to the World Health Organization, 60-90% of school children worldwide have dental cavities. In adults, severe periodontal disease is found in 15-20% of people. Oral health is essential to total health and well being, and research increasingly shows that poor oral health affects general health.

Yet, oral health is one of the most ignored areas of health care in the developing world, often low on the list of priorities in light of other more pressing diseases or emergency needs. Even in industrialized countries oral disease is the fourth most expensive ailment to treat, according to the WHO. Clearly we cannot afford to ignore the issue of dental health.

Essential surgery-basic, affordable surgical procedures that can prevent life-threatening complications or permanent disability¬-has …read more

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Quiz: What’s your Halloween Goal?

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…read more

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8 Spooktacular #GoalsRScary


A bump in the night. A moving shadow where you least expect it. A creak down the hall. These can all be pretty terrifying. But, sometimes it’s our goals that can scare us, and as a result, hold us back. We tend to fear failure, dread taking the first step to starting a goal, or feel anxious about the nature of the goal. So this past month, we’ve been asking Linkagoal users to tell us the goals that really shake them up.

Here are some of our favorite #GoalsRScary contributions from Linkagoal users hoping to turn a wish into an accomplishment:

1) A professionally-geared goal- with lots of practice we’re sure stage fright won’t get the best of you!

2) Big goals, tiny mittens! Some of the goals that scare us require a little creativity.

3) It’s truly hard to say no to our favorite sugary snacks, but working towards health is nothing to be afraid of.4) The ghosts of your spent dollars haunting your bank account.

5) Well said! Scientists tell us that bigger goals lead to greater feelings of accomplishment. So “goal” big!

6) Caution: this goal may contain multiple visits to the circus.

7) An earnest goal – we …read more

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Research Reveals Fear of Failure Has Us All Shaking in Our Boots this Halloween, 1 in 3 admit they are terrified of failure

Sunnyvale, CA—October 12, 2015 — Forget about slasher movies, haunted houses or things that go bump in the night, the latest research from goal-based social network, Linkagoal, reveals what is really making us shake in our boots this Halloween season – failure.

Linkagoal’s Fear Factor Index, launched today in partnership with YouGov, found that among 1,083 respondents surveyed, 1 in 3 Americans were found to be scared of failure (31%), more than spiders (30%), being home alone (9%), or even the paranormal (15%). Only horror films outranked fear of failure, but by only 1%.

When drilling down further into attitudes associated with failure and goal achievement, nearly half of applicable adults (49%) admitted that fear of failure was the biggest roadblock to either not achieving their goals at all, or discouraging them from revisiting their goals. And while fear of failure topped the Fear Factor Index, fear of embarrassment (44%) and fear of one’s goal being perceived as too difficult to achieve (43%) were also major hurdles to goal achievement.

Other blood-curdling Linkagoal Fear Factor Index findings include:

Failure is the Millennial’s Monster Under the Bed

Millennials are more likely than any other age group to have a fear of failure …read more

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