Your #BuddyGoals Wish list

Buddy Goals

Having a buddy beside,

Gives you the courage,

To start and to strive!

Making you smile,

Making you successful,

With your goals in life

We all envision things we’d like to accomplish, some of them we’d like to do on our own and some of them we’d like to execute with our significant others. And ‘friends’ occupy a vital space in our significant others. We relate to them well for many reasons-

They are more or less of the same age group or cohort and know well the hitches & the perks of the life stage you are going through. So you do not have to explain yourself to them.
Since they understand you well, they are your best counselors, providing you with the best of resources to get things together and accomplish your goals timely.

Going through a phase of life together, you along with your buddies draw plans, decide places, dream adventures; in a nut shell, set life goals that are worth achieving together.

Here is a snapshot of some goals we set with our friends on a day to day basis:

There is so much you have planned out with your friends or at least thought about planning with them. What’s the wait …read more

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Friends and Life Goals Go Hand in Hand!

‘Friends are helpful not only because they will listen to us or because they will laugh at us, through them we learn a little objectivity, a little modesty, a little courtesy. We learn the rules of life and become better players of the game’ – Will Duran

To most of us it will seem to be a nice pretty inspiring quote, but for people who have a friend like this will know its importance. Years back came the darkest days of my life, setback by failures I had no place to go, if it were not for my friends I would have never stood up against those times and stand and reach where I am today. Confident, motivated and most importantly, satisfied and elated. That was the moment I realized that we are not 100% individuals, we need support, we deserve it.

An experiment was conducted where people were made to watch a steep hill, alone and with a friend. The people who watched the hill with a friend found it less steep than those who saw it alone. This proves a friend, a helping hand and the person you trust changed your

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Linkagoal Highlights: #Behappy Goals to Make You Happy!

Happiness is Challenge Goals

One of the prerequisites to healthy living is finding the one thing that makes you happy. Being happy means being alive, feeling the gush of blood, the happy symphony of your heart, the voice of your inner peace and laughter, the hope that more good is yet to come.

Happiness is not only confined to materialistic accomplishments but is felt in some profound moments that appear ordinary but carry extraordinary meanings for people. It’s a subjective experience hence it takes different shapes for different individuals. Depending on the meanings happiness carry for them, people set their happiness goals.

Let’s explore what things make the users of Linkagoal happy and let’s crowd source new happiness ideas that we may overlook at times.

1) Dare-devil seeking happiness in the big CHALLENGE!

Happiness is Challenge

2) Food-lover feeling happy while raveling in the favorite aromas and flavors.

Happiness is Food

3) Tech-savvy grinning with the latest gadget in hands!

Happiness is a New Gadget

4) Animal lover going all hyper at the sight of his favorite pet.

Happiness is …read more

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