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According to the World’s happiness Report, ‘Switzerland’ has been named the world’s happiest country in a survey of 158 nations, assessing factors such as GDP per capita, life expectancy, or freedom from corruption.

Here we present a list of reasons that have brought Switzerland on the top on the happiness continuum. These factors are a stimulant for other nations to set their happiness goals accordingly and prosper and progress together. Perhaps you may set your next travel goal to Switzerland to accomplish your happiness goal.

If you notice, simple things as greeting strangers and having quality time with fellows are the reasons behind the country’s prosperity and contentment. Perhaps, happiness is not hard to earn. It’s about finding the extra ordinary in the ordinary life. It is about rejoicing every small moment in life.

Set your happiness goal and accomplish them by connecting with other happy fellows on the goal based social network, Linkagoal. It’s time to #behappy!

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It’s Time to #Behappy Again!

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The life of many people is connected by the desire to be happy in fact it is an ultimate purpose of everyone’s life. But people fail to understand one most important thing about happiness. Happiness is a very personal thing and should not be associated with others. The moment we start defining happiness by someone else’s definition, that’s the moment we fail to recognize our own happy world.

It is often heard that life is a roller coaster but is a roller coaster ride always fun? No, it is not. It gets frightening with the twists and turns, the ups and downs it has to offer. Similarly life throws you a tough curve sometimes, moments where we feel entrapped and want to free ourselves as quickly as possible. It may be a loss in the form of a person, material entity, favorite pet.. It may be a physical injury or an emotional blow from a significant other. It could be anything..

In such times of great despair and immense grief, it is not easy to let go and stand up again with the same courage and …read more

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Linkagoal Highlights: Get Inspired with Life Goals

Learn to paint goal

Often times, you get an initial boost of motivation and feel overall optimistic when you think about the goals you want to achieve in life.

So what defines a life goal? A life goal is a long term goal and can sometimes land in our “bucket list.” By writing them down and keeping track of them, with the help of accountability and community, we can accomplish them sooner, rather than later. When sharing our life goals with others, we can follow what we set for ourselves, and have a constant reminder of where we are ultimately heading.

Check out some life goals people have made on Linkagoal to inspire you to get started on making your own:

1) “Your life is a canvas. Paint it.”

2) A diet plan…for your fury friend

3) Debt free is the way to be

4) Dean Martin would sing, “Walking …read more

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INFOGRAPHIC + Survey: Less than 5 Percent of College Students Reach all of Their Goals

Infographic Goal Setting Linkagoal

Matthew Robinson, one of Linkagoal’s ambassadors, discussed the outcome of a recent student survey he conducted to assess student’s perceptions about goal-setting. Speaking with numerous groups on San Jose State University’ campus, from KSJS 90.5 radio students, business majors, and even students from a local junior college, De Anza College, Robinson discovered that not all students realize how common it is that we all make goals. “For most students it was clear and they finished the survey quickly. A lot of students mentioned that they had never before considered some of the questions such as, ‘what percentage of your goals do you actually achieve?’” said Robinson.

The research showed that 82 percent of the students surveyed said they have set goals for 2015 with 15 percent of them actually writing down their goals, and only 3 percent of them reaching all of the goals they set. However, 73 percent of those surveyed said they were willing to join a social network where they can set goals and connect with …read more

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Life goals: What role do they play in your life?

Life goals

Stranded on an island, with no direction and nowhere to go, is exactly how your life feels without clear and concise goals. It can feel like running up and down a soccer field and never scoring.

Setting a goal can seem like a cliché, but really, it’s a very important step toward a successful and meaningful life. We do not realize it, but we make goals every day. We plan our whole day around a goal, and at the end, we think of the goals we weren’t able to reach. Goals are an external representation of your inner desires, a constant reminder of what you want to achieve, and it provides you a road map of where you stand and where you want to go. Life is complex, but with well-defined goals, we can push ourselves closer to our purpose. When we find the right answer, life get’s much simpler.

While it is not necessary to have “great” goals, it is important to know your desires, because that’s the first step. Additionally, it’s not important to rush into your goals; you can slowly and gradually take steps toward them. In fact, it’s easier to divide your goals into smaller, actionable tasks, which …read more

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Linkagoal Highlights: 10 #Travel Goals to Satisfy your Wanderlust

create a dreamboard travel goals

Summer, the ultimate time for vacation and travel, is here and I bet many of you have started making travel plans or perhaps, embarked on a journey already. If you’re still figuring out your summer plans, check out some interesting travel goals already shared on Linkagoal that may inspire your own.

1) Create a travel board by collecting pictures of your favorite travel spots and fun activities you’d like to experience. Guess what? Your travel research might lead you to discover even more amazing places.

2) One travel essential, out of many, is having the income that supports traveling. Start by putting aside money to a “vacation” fund to build up to more trips. You’ll realize your travel board wasn’t just a dream after all.

3) Of course, we want our favorite moments at our favorite places to be captured, and there is no better option than a Polaroid camera to capture our travel experiences instantly.

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The Art of Solo Traveling

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Sometimes exploring a new town, city or country on your own can be at the same time, the most exhilarating and peaceful life-changing experience. Rather than worrying about compromising on the interest of the party you’re travelling with, people with solo-travel goals can indulge completely on themselves and create their own itinerary for next steps in the coming adventure.

If you’ve ever been curious about traveling alone, here’s some insight on solo-traveling for future consideration.

If you are planning to take a solo-trip, share your #travel goals on Connect with other solo travelers and crowd source ideas for your next journey.

Take the leap, overcome your fears and come out alive!

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